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Invite users: Admin / HR / Recruiter / Manager / Employee roles
Invite users: Admin / HR / Recruiter / Manager / Employee roles
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Compensation is teamwork, that's why you can invite as many colleagues as you wish on Figures by clicking on Account > Users.


Administrators can access the raw survey data, access the Company Dashboard page, use the "You vs Market" feature and can invite and manage additional users.


Recruiters are able to access Market Data.

You can restrict the view of a Recruiter to certain levels, job families or locations.

  • Recruiter access with restrictions - Example

  • Recruiter access without restrictions


HR can access the raw survey data, access the Company Dashboard page and use the "You vs Market" feature.


Figures now automatically assigns managerial permissions based on an employee's direct and indirect reports. When inviting someone who might be a manager:

  • Select the appropriate role in the Permissions section (typically 'Employee', but can also be 'HR', 'Recruiter', or 'Admin').

  • Figures will assess and assign managerial permissions based on their reports.

Managers' access are only available for accounts using an integration with Bamboo, Charlie, Factorial, HiBob, Humaans, Lucca, Personio, and PayFit.

For a detailed guide on inviting managers and setting their permissions, please refer to our comprehensive manager invitation process guide.


The Employee role in Figures is flexible, catering to staff members with or without managerial responsibilities. This role dynamically adjusts access based on the presence of direct and indirect reports.

Key Aspects of the Employee Role:

  • With Managerial Responsibilities: Employees with direct or indirect reports automatically inherit managerial permissions. They gain access exclusively to the People page filtered on their reports, ensuring they never see compensation data of non-reports.

  • Without Managerial Responsibilities: For employees without reports, the role provides basic access:

    • Market Data Access (Optional): Employees can optionally access market data, tailored by location, job family, and level.

    • Personal Salary Band Visibility (Optional): Employees may view only their own salary band, focusing on their individual compensation data.

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