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Granting Figures access to Managers
Granting Figures access to Managers

This guide explains how Figures automatically grants access to managerial features based on an employee's direct and indirect reports

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This feature is only compatible with accounts integrated with Bamboo, Charlie, Factorial, HiBob, Humaans, Lucca, Personio, and PayFit.

In Figures, an employee is automatically designated as a manager if they have direct or indirect reports. These managers are granted access to specific managerial features and data within Figures without the need for manual role assignment.

Accessibilities for Managers

Upon being identified as a manager, an employee gains access to:

  • The People Page: View salaries and market positions of direct and indirect reports.

  • Market Data Page (Optional): Access comprehensive benchmarks. The "You vs Market" feature shows data for their reports only.

  • Dashboard Page (Optional): Access to the company-wide dashboard.

Inviting Managers to Figures

From your Account > Users page

  • Start the Invitation: Click on the 'Invite user' button.

  • Enter Email Address: Input the email address of the user you wish to invite.

  • Select a Role: In the Permissions section, choose a role for the user. This could typically be 'Employee', but roles like 'HR', 'Recruiter', or 'Admin' are also options.

  • Link to Employee Record: Match the invited user to the corresponding employee in Figures. This is crucial as managerial permissions in Figures are derived from the direct and indirect reports of your employees, as per your HRIS data.

    Note: If your data is anonymised, you must identify the manager by their ID or job title instead of name.

  • Preview Manager Permissions: Figures will automatically evaluate if the user qualifies for Manager permissions based on their employee reports. If applicable, you will see a 'Preview' button, which allows access to a modal displaying the direct reports of this employee for verification.

  • Market Data Access: You have the option to grant access to the Market Data page, with the ability to fine-tune this access for the user.

  • Salary Band Data Access: If available, you can also grant access to the user’s salary band data within the salary bands module.

  • Send the Invitation: Ensure you send the invitation to complete the process.

Adapting to Managerial Changes

Figures dynamically updates with changes in an employee's managerial status, as reflected in your HRIS:

  • Gaining reports automatically grants managerial permissions.

  • Losing all reports automatically revokes these permissions.

Note: Expect a brief delay for updates, as Figures refreshes data daily.

💡 Here is a guide to share with your managers to facilitate their onboarding with the tool: access it here.

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